What are you looking for in Nantes? You'll find all the free objects in this beautiful city here!

Nantes, the home of LU biscuits and unusual walks, is an invitation to donate and share: - Give away the furniture that no longer has a place in your apartment on Place Graslin, - Collect a set of DIY and garden accessories, so you can use your green thumb in your house on the edge of the Order, - Claim these decorative items and bunch of kitchen accessories in the Bouffay district, as you admire the country-style homes

Peaceful and historic Nantes is conducive to meetings and beautiful stories. By donating this bag of books at the Talensac market, you make Edgar happy to come and collect them. You may even have a coffee in the heart of this lively atmosphere, on the terrace, on the square. Collect these free films and music in front of the Dukes of Brittany Castle and take the opportunity to walk its ramparts, which you know by heart. To thank Fabien for giving you all of this, you will suggest that he come up with you for a guided tour, since you are a passionate historian. Everything is more beautiful from up there. Claim these shoes from Passage Pommeraye, which will cross other streets and check out other corners of Nantes. And then, you will admire each detail of the passage to a thousand wonders, classified as a historic monument. To thank Alexandra, the generous Geever, you will bring candies from Nantes. You didn't know it, but, she loves those ones! And then, on the other side of town, in Machines de l'Île or Trentemoult, you took Joachim to see the elephant and the fishing village. You promised him, after giving Martin his stuffed animals-- he was so happy. You taught him that generosity and sharing are good. The importance of giving without expecting anything in return. And that fills you with joy. And you, what is your best story from that part of Nantes?