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Geev allows you to give your stuff a second life. It's also a feel-good site, for the sheer pleasure of doing something nice. This way, your stuff lives on for as long as possible. Here. At the neighbour's. Over there. Elsewhere. Give to empty your attic. Practical. Fast. But also generous. Give away a chest of drawers, so someone will pick them up and furnish their living room. Because you feel like it, but also because you care. Give away a book you haven't read in awhile and it might open someone's mind. Give away a coat, to keep someone else warm. And pick up stuff too! Clothes, so you can look like a perfect 10 all year round. A tv, for a cozy night in. A boat, to sail away in.

Stop throwing things out, to fight food waste and overconsumption. For the planet. To recycle and participate in a more circular economy. To create new connections. For generosity and wellbeing. And just for fun. There's nothing like donating a game in perfect condition, so others can enjoy it once more and have a laugh with family and friends. Nothing like claiming a table around which families and friends once sat. A table that will once again serve as the meeting spot for magic moments, happy times and exciting ones. A place for delicious dinners and long conversations. A place for comfort and warmth. You also make the magic last because donating your stuff has a bigger impact than you think. It'll bring so much happiness to someone else. Try it once, and you'll want to do it again and again.