All the free pet items and accessories around you

Give away or pick up accessories for dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, hamsters, and other pets, for free wherever you are. For the comfort and happiness of your fluffy friends.

Why not donate that cat bowl you're no longer using because someone bought you a new, personalized one for little Luna. Think about it. Soon, it'll be overflowing with kibble poured by an overly generous child in another house. Mary, who will come pick it up, will bring one of her cat's unused toys as a thank you! Get this doggy bed for free, so Shelby can snuggle in it. He'll love it right away because of the red colour and warm cushion. You'll bring Melanie and Max some chocolates to say thanks for being such generous Geevers. Then, you'll have a coffee together... Our pets grow up quick, so why not share your unused items? Who knows what joy it will bring.