Pick up free sports and leisure items near you

Give away and pick up sports and leisure items and pursue new passions! Given up on bocce in favour of tennis? Give away your bocce balls, so others can use them on warm summer nights before a barbecue. Other friends will squabble over who is closest to the jack and wonder whose turn it is to shoot. Maybe you'll join them for a game on a Sunday afternoon?

Pick up sports and leisure items. Nab that free swimming gear including a bathing cap and goggles to dive with. To swim kilometer after kilometer. To make the biggest canon ball. To do breast strokes or butterfly strokes-- because you love to fly. You'll think about the sporty Geever that gave them to you who you ended up grabbing a coffee with and who you'll certainly see soon to take that famous bike ride with. So when are you clearing your shelves to share your passions?