Pick up free shoes near you!

Give away or find shoes in your size, then use em' to strut around town, climb that hill or for a neighbourhood stroll.

Give away those sneakers you don't wear because you have the same pair in grey. And blue. And because you're generous. They make Ali, who came to get them, so happy. She'll slip them into her suitcase for that trip to Paris and will send you a pic wearing your old shoes as a thank you. It's so nice to see the Eiffel Tower again. Choosing gently used shoes is a choice for the planet. You love those booties that you'll wear to take those 100 steps in your neighbourhood, that'll accompany you down new paths and wherever life takes you. You'll wear them as you walk down Veronica's street, the Geever you got them from, as you bring her some biscuits to say thanks. What stories do you have about giving away or picking up shoes on Geev?