Sort through your office supplies, so you can donate them on Geev

Give away or pick up unused office supplies. That's right, you can be generous at work too! Give away the pile of office supplies including pencils, notebooks, and post-its that has been creating clutter in your desk drawer. They'll help someone else write their agenda, plan meetings, and write lists of things to do on Monday morning. They'll fill other memory gaps and avoid arguments between colleagues. And that will make you feel good!

Nab some free markers for Jade and Mona, who are excited to show your their pretty drawings. They glorious crafts. Their big hearts filled with love. To say thanks to Caroline and Thomas, the generous Geevers, they'll draw them a colourful arabesque. Caroline will hang it on the fridge and they'll be happy to see it the next time you're over for coffee. When's your next office clean-up?