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Give away the makeup you aren't using and pick up creams and other cosmetics to try. Giving away health and beauty products like makeup, creams, cosmetics, shampoo and shower gel contributes to the fight against waste. Not to mention, they smell good and always make people happy.

Since you aren't going to use that hydrating night cream you got as a gift because it's for the wrong skin type, you give it away on Geev. Gabrielle, who's used the product for years, comes to pick it up. Look at you spreading joy all around! Pick up that makeup palette with all your favourite colours. Get dolled up for a night out or just because. Collect that gentle shampoo that the whole family will love. It smells so good, you think you're on vacation. While chilling in the tub, you think of Emmanuel, the Geever who gave it to you, so you bring him some cookies to say thanks. You are kind and beautiful. Giving makes you shine even more on the inside and on the outside.