Find baby items and clothing on Geev

Give away and pick up baby items: they grow up so fast, that it's important to think about reusing and recycling. A baby's universe changes with every passing day. Give away those pyjamas for 3-month olds since she's grown out of them already. They'll serve another newborn, as she sleeps. Leah doesn't know that they used to belong to Samantha, but she'll be very thankful. And this may very well be the beginning of many exchanges between parents. And even lead to a few coffees.

Pick up all kinds of accessories and clothing for babies including bottles, bibs, car seats, and swaddles, all while being more environmentally conscious. Recover baby shoes to cushion Hector's feet as he takes his first steps and his second ones. And once he grows out of them, you might return them to Stephanie the Geever that originally gave them too you. Shhh, she's expecting her third! So when's the next baby item clean up to get rid of stuff you're (already) not using?