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We can't think of anything more fun than giving away and picking up toys and games. Who knew the circular economy could be such child's play! It's time to think about our resources and overconsumption, especially in the toy industry: we buy, we use for a short time, then we throw away. Tastes in games change with age, so it's important to give away the ones you don't use often!

Giving away toys instils a sense of responsibility in children. After all, they chose the ones to get rid of. They'll be proud to give that board game they no longer use away to Marcus, who is more than happy to take it! Your little one will know they did something good. Something for the planet. For solidarity. And who knows, maybe the two kids could play together while their parents grab a coffee? Choosing used games is good for the planet because you're making an eco-conscious choice. Donating stuff means you're actively contributing to waste reduction. And that's important. You'll also see your kids eyes light up, which is pretty special. They'll come to you to donate the toys they don't play with and feel good about it! So, when's the next time you'll go through that Lego all over the floor in Leo's room?