Discover all the free clothing near you

We don't always know where to give away or pick up free clothing. Yet, recycling clothing is essential for our planet and for others.

Warm someone up with that sweater or coat. They'll appreciate it on those bitter cold days and it'll warm their heart too! Make each other happy by exchanging those bags of clothes and maybe share a coffee too. Whether they're clothes for adults or for kids, they'll dress someone again and see more changes of the seasons. With style, elegance and class. Classy like your generosity. Choosing second hand clothing is thinking about the planet. You love those jeans you got on Geev so much that they're at the top of your suitcase for that trip to Italy. You take care of them because you know the person who gave them to you cared. They'll visit the Tower of Pisa with you. And you'll even send Helen, the Geever who gave them to you, a picture because you promised! We're also waiting for some pics of anything you've given away or picked up on Geev.