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Give away your books, pick up movies and find music in three clicks! Donating books, comics, magazines, cookbooks, or kids' books because they have no bounds and can be circulated infinitely. We can go anywhere; all we need is that book in your library. If you've already read it, chances are it's gathering dust. It's a shame since it would rather be opened and read every night, then placed on someone else's night table. Giving away a book, is like giving someone a special gift that can take them anywhere their imagination wants to go.

Pick up this movie and watch it as a family on a Sunday afternoon, complete with hot chocolate. After you finish, you'll pass it along. It seems like happiness is contagious. Nab those vinyls that Ethan, the kind Geever who brought them to you, used to dance to. You'll listen to them on Saturday mornings as you sip your coffee or tomorrow night as you shower. You'll get lost in the rhythm and feel energized. So send Ethan a message to say thanks again. There's no better feeling than spreading joy. Giving is receiving. So when will you sort through your comic book collection?