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Baby grew so quickly, so you'll give away the pyjamas he only wore three times. In exchange, you'll pick up a bunch of clothes in the next size up. And when he grows out of them, you'll give them away too. Isn't the circular economy great? Lily grew so quickly that she barely had time to wear all the cute clothes she received for 3-month-olds. So, you'll pass them along to Charlotte who is pregnant. You'll even offer her some tea and add 2 or 3 stuffed animals to the pile. Lily has already chosen her favourites anyway.

You picked up these onesies and pyjamas for Gabriel and they fit him like a glove. You sent a photo to Emma and Anthony, the generous Geevers and young parents that gave them to you. You ask them to come by for a playdate on Saturday with their little Calvin... So, when will you clean out your baby's closet?