All art and home decor up for grabs

Give away your decor, trinkets, pots-- curtains work too! Pick up free decor to give your place the wow factor!

Your decor is that special touch, the je ne sais quoi that brings charm and character to your home. Like a fingerprint or a signature, it's very ""you"". By giving away decor on Geev, you're doing something great for the planet. The frame in your living room that just doesn't look right? Maybe it'll do better in someone else's home under a different light or on another wall where someone will admire it every day. Recover that gorgeous vase and fill it with peonies. Whether it be a romantic bouquet or a bunch of wild daisies, flowers always transform a home. They embellish it, like a poem. They'd look beautiful on your coffee table. And to say thanks to Lucy, the Geever who gave it to us, we'll bring her a rose from the garden. Maybe near a cafe, since she lives in our community. Flowers really do have powers. So, what will you offer up to let the good vibes bloom?