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How does Geev work?


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You agree on a meeting with the giver.


You collect the item for free!

Frequently asked questions

What is the principle of Geev?

Geev is the leading app for giving away items between individuals in France. Because we all have a good reason to give, Geev makes giving accessible to everyone, everywhere, and at all times. With geolocation, users can find the closest donations to their home. Geev in numbers is: - 5 million users - 25 million donations - 180,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided - €200 million of purchasing power redistributed

Is Geev free?

Yes, using Geev is free for all those who wish to participate in the donation and retrieval of items between individuals. Here are important details to know: 1. Access and use without fees: Accessing the Geev platform, whether via the mobile app or the website, requires no payment. Users can sign up, browse through listings, and post their own donations for free. 2. Geev Plus - a plan to save even more: For those looking to enhance their experience on Geev, there is the Geev+ plan which offers exclusive benefits such as the ability to access the best listings first, unlimited contact, and retrieve six times more items or to browse without ads.

How to retrieve objects for free?

To retrieve objects for free on Geev, follow these steps: 1. Download the Geev app on your smartphone or go to the Geev website. 2. Create an account by following the on-screen instructions. 3. Use the geolocation feature to find available items near you. 4. Contact the giver via the integrated messaging system of the app to express your interest and arrange the details for the retrieval of the item. 5. Arrange a meeting with the giver to retrieve the item for free.

What is the purpose of bananas on Geev?

On Geev, bananas act as contact credits. To welcome you, 10 bananas are offered to you! 🎁 These bananas are used to contact a Geever for an ad. To get more bananas, you can make a donation.

How can I find free listings near me?

Use Geev's geolocated search function to discover available listings in your area. Then, contact the giver via the integrated messaging to arrange the retrieval of the item.

Geev is the leading app for person-to-person object donations in France.


Geev sees 550,000 ads posted every month, equating to a donation made every 3 seconds!


With 26 million items donated, 239,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided since 2017!


Our 5 million users have saved more than 137 million euros thanks to Geev!

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