Find all kinds of things in Lille

Lille feels like a piece of history with its cobblestone streets and energy. Lille where you can: Donate your furniture on the streets of Old Lille, while admiring the picturesque houses and brightly coloured façades, Collect some gloves in Grande Place, the one that belonged to General de Gaulle, to keep warm Pick up a pair of donated sneakers in Lille, in front of The Belfry, then climb its steps to see the view... Everything is beautiful from up there.

Lille, a lively and abundant city, is home to many treasures that we all want to discover. And in particular, the solidarity and generosity that we see on every corner. It's a beautiful thing. As you donate clothing in Lille, you might find yourself in Place Rihour (in front of the P'tit QuinQuin statue, of course), or Place du Théâtre to give away a big bag filled with pants, shirts, t-shirts and sweaters you no longer wear. The feeling we get as we empty our shelves is nothing compare to the feeling of the person who collects what was on them. So to say thanks, they'll bring you their meringues with whipped cream and chocolate shavings called ""Wonderful"". Like you, because you're generous. The weather is good for a stroll through the beauty of Flanders, recover a coffee table from a furniture donation in Lille in front of Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille cathedral, and take the opportunity tour the inside, or adopt books on the Place de la Vieille Bourse, which hosts many secondhand booksellers ... This inviting bench is the perfect place to start reading. Open the page of a beautiful story. That of this novel. Or that of your life. How will you give stuff away or find used items in Lille?